OneDrop - for Dropbox App Reviews

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Great app!!

Beautiful UI and useful functions.

Does the job

Does what it says. I use it frequently.

Great App!

Great App To Help You with Your Everyday Needs!

Pretty good

The functions are simple to use, nice UI designed. I used it for a couple times and I like it.


Doesn’t open…what’s up with this?

Love this app

Very easy to use and nice interface

Easy to use.

Easy to use but it has all the features you really need.

Does the job

Does what it says. I use it frequently.

Easy to use

NICE app ! 
Hoping for add more useful functions !

Hate it!

There is no menu at the top - It is not friendly. I’m sure I am missing something! But it does not respond to a click - and the only thing I can get it to do is open its contents . . . . .

Failed !!

Purchased it and it won’t open!

Good Grief - Who wrote these reviews??

I thought I was getting a half way decent image viewe for Dropbox. If that’s what you want forget it. The only thing this app makes easier is going directly to the web site and downloading images. All of my images are already on my Mac, so why would I want to do that to ddownload images. Image viewer? What image viewer. I want my money back. Anybody that knows of a good image viewer / download client (not Finder or Viewer) put it in your review. I want my money back.

Look forward to more features!

Just do what I want, I look forward to more great features.


It has a very simple interface, but its so perfect and easy to work with. Would highly recommend this app. 
A HUGE "Thank you" to its creators for sharing. 
Good luck

rabbish waste of 3.99$

dont buy use the website , more faster no error and lag just waste of money don’t buy really i want to refund to many error and not HANDY to use very slow

Simple. Go.

I like having a mobile view of my Dropbox and having it in the menu bar. Nice job!

No problems In months of use

so for the lazy person who lies inside of all of us. this is an amazing app. The application allows m to seamlessly upload my documents and files to dropbox without ever having to log into the web page. which can be somewhat time consuming depending on how tempermental my internet is on any given day. The only thing left to do is drag those file to where they belong in dropbox.

Works like a champ!

It does everything it claims to do!

wow.really fantastic

This app has worked flawlessly for me since purchase - Makes a potentially tedious, repetitive process simple. with the added bonus that since I use Pathfinder, I dont have to keep popping into Finder to get the public links to the files I upload.

Very useful

Color me impressed. This is an awesome app. Icon could use a little work though.Just click the App for Dropbox icon in your menu bar and sign it with your Dropbox account, its that simple. You can also switch to the stand alone desktop mode for full window experience (requires Pro). To upload files you need to be in window is good for you!

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