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Lucky not to miss it.

Its a convient app for office. Sharing files is important when we work, so its become necessary to build a sharing software. This can improve the efficiency of working. dropbox is a good choice for me. We all use it at office. it is professional and simple to use. After we use it, we know that it is essential. Because it is synchronization, when someone change it and save, you will find quickly. The others can be easy to do what they want. we have decided to use it for our business app.

Good file synchronization software.

This app is a very good use of free network file synchronization tool. Through the use of it can be very good to speed up the speed of file processing. When we use Dropbox at office. we can share our files any time. If there are some problems in file, we can correct quickly. The files are public, we can see and perfect not complete. Its pretty office app.

App Won’t Allow Downloading

I have tried three different ways to download a simple PowerPoint file because I don’t want to work on it within PowerPoint Online. Each time it does nothing. Sometimes the whole app just freezes. It’s kind of ridiculous!

Very useful for every type of user

This app is incredible in its simplicity and usefulness.Its great to share media,documents and any other type of file almost immediately.Ive recommended it to family and friends on several occasions and it has always been received positively.The interface is extremely intuitive and easy to use for even the most novice user.It has a very simple interface, but its so perfect and easy to work with. Would highly recommend this app. 
A HUGE "Thank you" to its creators for sharing. 
Good luck

So nice app.

This is simply the best app for saving flies using Dropbox.It is very fast,has a great design and a pretty neat UI.I can save my many pictures,so nice to be reminded of a past memory with the photos.

Works amazing!

It saved my music,pictures and files,I wont worry these data lost.Its the safest online for my information.I have use this app for two months,it Works amazing for me.I can easily shared music,pictures and files to my friends and my family.No complants.

Wonderful app so far

This is great app and a great company.Extremely easy to use and a most valuable way to keep files in a safe place.This app is very useful to me and functions well as far as Ive used it.The idea to favorite items works well.Good job on the app,I hope to see even more from you all.

Nice to share everything

I have traveled in groups with people to different places.This is easy way to share your photos instantly!I am able to share everything I need to using this app.Perfect,does exactly what it says it does.In my opinion,the best cloud storage in app store.I like the way it works.

What a joke and waste of money

This is nothing more than a window to the Dropbox website. Most likely a scam app trying to grab personal information considering the developer is from China. Lesson learned… read more deeply before buying. Don’t waste your money.

Unable to upload Logic files to Dropbox

App freezes when I attempt to upload Logic files into my Dropbox account. Used my browser on the same computer afterwards and it worked fine. App does NOT work for me at this time.

The Best

Dropbox is a powerful and reliable service.I never need to worry whether my files will correctly sync.Quietly and persistently,everything works in the background.I use it in my personal life,my worklife and everywhere in between.The app is easy to use,intuitive and supports work and play equally well.I would recommended this to all my friends and family.This application does exactly what it says it will do.It safely stores your files,documents picture,and video to where you can access them on the Mac that has internet connection.It also makes it easy to share any file,documents,pictures or video to anyone even if dont have dropbox.well done,it worth to have .

Great convenience

I use dropbox for school,and it is a great way to have access to all my papers,lectures and notes from any computer.I would not use this to store sensitive data,but the convenience of having access to any of my computer is awesome.I no longer need to carry a thumb drive.

Essential app

I adore Dropbox,it helps me keep my space free,and I can easily retrive all my pictures if I want them back.Probably one of my favorite apps Ive had.This app is really fantastic!


Very wonderful, this app is designed perfectly.Thank you for this application.I really enjoy using it.It has completely replaced emailing video and photos.My mothers recent trip was easily shared within my family via Dropbox.Its great tool to use with other members.This is really cool and convenient!

Good job!

This app is very useful to me and functions well as far as Ive used it.The idea to favorite items works well.Playing audio files is great too.Its simple to use,I really like Dropbox.

Good app!

Great App To Help You with Your Everyday Needs!

Always reliable

I love this app for its simplicity and reliability.Nobody can sync files like these guys. I would like to support Dropbox with a subscription,Positively wonderful, this app is designed perfectly.

Good working!

Great readability, nice UI designed.I use this app all the time.The functions are simple to use,I like it.

Wow. Really fantastic.

Color me impressed. This is an awesome app. Icon could use a little work though.

Solid access to my Dropbox

The app does what it should -give me access to my Dropbox account whenever I need it.Theres photo uploading and some other features ,but honestly I just need it to work,and do so fast,and this gets it done.

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